The Majestic GGB


If you read about that gull sitting on a fence rail, this is the shot I wanted. This isn’t where most people go to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge, but there are thousands of photos already on the internet from Hawk Hill in Marin County. I have those too, of course, along with many others. No self-respecting photographer who has spent time in the Bay Area of California is without those.

This shot was taken at Horseshoe Bay, situated northeast of the bridge. The North Tower of the GGB is in the foreground. I’ll eventually get around to posting a Hawk Hill shot or two here. For now, I hope you enjoy this low perpsective.

GGB from Horseshoe Bay

The Argument


Me: Excuse me
SG (seagull): [sits silently]
Me: Ahem… excuse me please.
SG: [fluffs feathers, glares at me]
Me: [glares back] I want to shoot the bridge.
SG: Yeah, so?
Me: It’s an icon of this city.
MSG (monsieur [huffy] SG): You and every tourist. What makes you so special?
Me: You have an attitude. I want a picture of it. Do you mind?
SASG (figure it out): It’s a chunk of steel, just sits there.
Me: [losing patience] It’s a beautiful bridge!
SG: You should photograph something interesting. Look, I can stand on one leg. [stands on one leg]
Me: Go find a different rail.
SG: Go find a different bridge. I was here first.
Me: I will not! I’m here to shoot the Golden Gate.
SG: Find a different place to shoot it. I like this spot and I won’t move! [mutters under breath: tourists!]
Me: I’m not a tourist!
SG: Oh yeah? Then why are you carrying a camera?
Me: I’m a photographer.
SG: Take that Miss Photographer! [turns around]

Me: [dances happily, singing] I just shot you in the arse. Take that, smartypants!  

SG: You didn’t!!

Me: Oh. Yes. I. Did!!

Standing sentry

As an aside, I named this image “Lamp Post” because I’ve been told I’ll argue with a lamp post or just about anything.